>>> Gall & Bullhorn

SAMPLE POEM from the as-yet-unpublished

Gall & Bullhorn (a polyphonic apocalypse)

a 2017 finalist for the UK-based Eyewear Publishing’s Sexton Prize

and a 2018 finalist for PANK magazine’s poetry manuscript competition

The End of Permanence 

Twin to twin, heirs

irrelevant, whispering at the dinner table

about the end of permanence

& luggage with wheels. Their father

stomps his foot &

there is a high-drain kind of silence

as Mother—recently hospitalized,

still tasting her anesthetic—looks out

the window at a storm-totaled gazebo

made bonfire against the dire sky.

Moving downstairs up

before another big rain breaks the levee,

hired men stack furniture never meant for stacking

in a sentimental attic. Father at the table is not

father like a river. Mother wonders,

“Are they still trying to abolish the penny?”

The twins ask, “Who’s they?”



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