2019 —The Hollins Critic (forthcoming): “Fake News”

2019 —The Tampa Review (forthcoming): “Could Be Worse”

2018 —Diode Poetry Journal: “Eclipse,” “Happy To Spite The President”

             READ: Diode Poetry Journal

2018 —Matador Review: “They, a New Them”

             READ: Matador Review

2018 —American Journal of Poetry: “Dressed Wrong for Pinebrook Dog Walk & Trails,” “Northern Ohio: Poet as Widow”

             READ: American Journal of Poetry

2016 —Split Lip Magazine: “Gladyses of the World,” “Izard County Manhunt,” “New Name, Etc.”

             READ: Split Lip Magazine

2016 —Xavier Review: “Between Encores,” “Mr. Splitfoot”

2015 —The Meadow: “Inkling,” “Elephant Man’s Signature”

2014 —Main Street Rag: “Mailbox Bashing”

2013 —Assaracus: “The End of Permanence,” “Don’t Go Sober on Me, Jonathan,” “Anniversary,” “Neatnik,” “A Pound of Feathers,” “The Penetrators,” “Paperclips”

2012 —The Tusculum Review: “Mayor of Crawdad Town”

2012 —Southern Poetry Review, ten-year commemorative edition: “Proof”

2012 —Baltimore Fishbowl: “Landlord from Hell,” “Headache Story,” “Remote”

2011 —The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide: “Idle Ick”

2011 —Gargoyle: “Lisp”

2011 —Fogged Clarity: “Mute” and “Kmart Realism”

             READ (“Mute”): Fogged Clarity

             READ (“Kmart Realism”): Fogged Clarity

2010 —Tin House: “Where the Body Is Buried”

2010 —Linebreak: “Here with the Doctor”

             READ: Linebreak

2010 —Smartish Pace: “Coincidence” and “Odd Numbers”

             READ “Coincidence”: Smartish Pace

2009 —TAV Project Strings: Eight Short Poems

2008 —Satellite Convulsions: Poems from Tin House (anthology, ed. Brenda Shaughnessy) “The Smallest Woman in the World Who Once Posed on the Lap of the Richest Man in America Considers the Dreams of the Tallest Man Who Ever Lived”

              ORDER: Amazon

2008 —Salamander: “Persona E”           

2008 —Pool: “High Lily”

2008 —Big Muddy: “The State in which I’m Wanted” and “Let Me Up”

2007 —Margie: “Headache Story” and “Anonymous”

2006 —Carolina Quarterly: “Trying Not to Cry in Public” and “Bridge”

2005 —Maize: “Thanksgiving” and “Afton & Irene”

2004 —Southern Poetry Review: “Proof”

2004 —Margie: “Not Even Doublewide”

              READ: Verse Daily

2004 —Margie: “Married Women: A Sideshow”

2003 —Cream City Review: “Caroline’s Body Is The Sicilian Fairy’s Corpse”

              WINNER: Cream City Review Poetry Prize

2003 —The Louisville Review: “For the Great-Aunt Who Never Married”

2002 —Tin House: “Buckshot” and “The Smallest Woman in the World…”

2002 —The Mississippi Review: “For the Great-Aunt Who Married Twice”

              FINALIST: The Mississippi Review Prize

2002 —New Voices (Academy of American Poets’ anthology, Heather McHugh, ed.) “The Pocketbook Women of You-Be-Dam Holler”

             WINNER: Academy of American Poets Prize

2002 —The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide: “The Undescending Man”

2002 —Cider Press Review: “For the Great-Aunt Who Collected Clocks”

2002 —The Redneck Review: “$20,000 Pyramid: categories in a loser’s daydream

2002 —The Yalobusha Review: “Mema’s Funeral”

2001 —The Madison Review: “The Radium Dial,” “Trash w/ Dog,” “Mema’s Hat”

              WINNER: Phyllis Smart Young Prize in Poetry

2001 —PorcupineLiterary Arts Journal: “For Great-Aunt Who Spoke in Italics”

2001 —EkphrasisA Poetry Journal: “Eleanor Vance Talks To Herself”

2000 —Rhino: “The Pocketbook Women of You-Be-Dam Holler”

1994 —The James White Review: “After the Accident: The Evenings & the Nights of Cole Porter,” “Cleopatra,” “The Butcher’s Son”

              A ‘NEW VOICE’: with introduction by Mark Doty

1988 —SIU Women’s Studies Newsletter: “A Poem for Shirlene”*

*NOTE: I was seventeen, a senior in high school. Poem is dedicated to playwright Dr. Shirlene Holmes, a professor then at Southern Illinois University, whose chapbooks my English teacher shared with me.



2015 (forthcoming) —Big Muddy: “Unshaken” (23 pages)

2015 (forthcoming) —Small Print Magazine: “Meaningless (Times Three)” (14 pages)

2004 —Carolina Quarterly: “Mad Lucy Lee & the Wrens, the Wrens & Mad Lucy Lee” (15 pages)

              WINNER: Charles B. Wood Award for Distinguished Writing

MARGARET RABB, judge for the Charles B. Wood Award for Distinguished Writing:  “A. Loudermilk’s sentences bristle with heat and energy. They modulate, play out the story, but don’t let up. [His short story “Mad Lucy”] resembles lesson plans for moving from stone to stone across a swift river. These stepping stones are set just a little too far apart for easy reach, and some require enough of a jump that readers sense that gravity-free moment of suspension in the air. They range from foot-sized, worn-flat platforms to boulders requiring a quick climb and egg-shaped shifters that rock back and forth as we land on the next section, exhilarated and tipping a bit wildly before regaining balance in the language.”

2004 —Southern Indiana Review: “Smoke: A Mutiny on the Dog”

One thought on “Poems/Stories

  1. Hi, I really liked ‘Where the body is buried’, which I read in an issue of Tin House I came across in a hotel in Merzouga, Morocco, last week. Is there a compilation I can buy which includes this poem, or perhaps buy it from you directly? I would buy the back issue of Tin House for $10, but their website suggests it will cost ~$50 to ship to the UK, which seems a bit much… Thanks and best wishes, Ed, Cambridge (UK)

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