Quirky Cinema

Quirky Cinema:

A. Loudermilk’s Guide To Movies With Personality

(established 2012)

Over 500 entries, tightly packed with info, insight, and rich detail.

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As a way to categorize movies in my online film guide, quirkiness operates on multiple levels while always emphasizing strength of personality. First of all, quirky refers to movies with characters—and by implication actors—who are unconventional, eccentric, conspicuous, goofy, defiant of social norms, unpredictable, or, to use a word from Frank Capra’s Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936), pixilated. This can be seen with particular clarity in section one on movies from the Classic Era (1930s-1960s). Devoted to quirky Dramas and Comedies from the last forty-odd years, the second section casts Quirky’s widest net. Obvious choices like Harold & Maude (1971) keep company with personality-driven choices that are mundane, somber, or severe in their realism (e.g.  mumblecore). The Horror section, barely containing all its Horror movies and Psychodramas, focuses on personalities run amok. While the Documentaries section offers more entries from the last decade than any other, clearly the most rapidly expanding genre in the realm of cinema with personality.


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