70+ Courses at Four Universities, 1997-2018


at Parkland College (Champaign, Illinois)

3 sections          Poetry Workshop for Students Over 50

2 sections         Intro to Creative Nonfiction


in Humanistic Studies

at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) (Baltimore, Maryland)

1 section          CWRT5527                       Graduate Poetry Workshop

2 sections         CWRT467                        Creative Nonfiction Workshop

5 sections         HMST433                        ‘Freak Lit’—Representing Difference in Literature

3 sections         HMST/CWRT330             Contemporary Memoir

5 sections         HMST209                         Creative Writing Workshop: Multi-Genre

17 sections       HMST101                         Critical Inquiry (Intro To Theory  & Academic Writing)



in Interdisciplinary Arts

at Hampshire College (Amherst, Massachusetts)

2 sections            IA250                       Storytelling Aslant: The Dramatic Situation Poem in Poetry

1 section            IA175                          Matters of Form: Poetry and the Body

1 section            IA238                         Poetry and Performance



at Waldron Arts Center (Bloomington, Indiana)

5 sections                                                Poetry Workshops for Adults Over 50


2002, 2003

at Indiana University Writers’ Conference

2002                                                          What Is Creative Nonfiction? (One-Day Class)

2003                                                          The Everyday in Poetry (Week-Long Workshop)


in the English Department*

at Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana)

5 sections            W103                         Beginning Creative Writing—Poetry/Fiction

3 sections            W203                         Intermediate Creative Writing—Poetry/Fiction

1 section             W203                          Intermediate Creative Writing—Fiction

1 section            W203                           Intermediate Creative Writing—Poetry

8 sections            W131                         Composition

*RECIPIENT in 2000: Margaret Banks James Award for Outstanding Associate Instructor, Indiana University English Department

4 sections             C121                          Public Speaking*

*NOTE: Communications & Culture course


1 section            E103                            Apocalypse Culture*

*NOTE: Comparative Literature course; Co-designer of course with Prof. Mikita Brottman

1 section            C420                            Women Directors & Women’s Directors*

*NOTE: Communications & Culture course; Assistant to Prof. Joan Hawkins



at Indiana University School of Continuing Studies

3 sections            W203                        Distance Learning Course [Poetry / Fiction = 75+ students]

2 sections            W131                       Distance Learning Course [Composition = 75+ students]


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